Things I do well.

So you don’t have to.

copy & content

If your brand has a story to tell, make sure to tell it well. I use words to connect consumers with brands. I use bigger words to create brand experiences that translate into tangible business results.
  • Short- and long-form copy
  • Headlines, slugs and tags
  • TV and radio scripting
  • Online and social
  • Newsletters
  • Press releases
  • Articles, editorial and advertorial
  • PLV (danglers, talkers, end caps, detail aids)

concepts & ideation

Anyone can have a big idea. The real challenge, however, lies in one’s ability to whittle down a big idea to form several “smaller big ideas.” Which is exactly how I pitch conceptual to my clients (that or Shrek’s onion metaphor).
  • Product/company naming
  • Ad conceptualization
  • Pop-ups and events
  • Takeover/domination
  • Experiential and tactics
  • Brand engagement/activation

translation & transcreation

French-to English translation is a big part of my business. With message and meaning so closely entwined, my role is to help clients find what works best, and what doesn’t.
  • Translation for brand communication that’s consistently on message
  • Adaptation to craft an English context—not just words—that aligns with cultural and linguistic realities and reflects shades of meaning
  • Backtranslation to validate the accuracy of the original French message