Everyone has a backstory.

Here’s mine.

Hudson’s Bay Company (Toronto, Canada)

Promotions writer | 1 year
Go West, young man. In my case, down the 401 to Toronto. Bright lights. Big city. Monumental expectations. Had my first taste of catalogue writing—the back-to-school issue. They used QuarkXPress back then; I sure miss that delete robot.

DKY Integrated Communications (Montreal, Canada)

Senior Copywriter | 1.5 years
Montreal winters are cold. So I warmed up to print ads and brochures. I learned that copy leads art. That I could start a sentence with and. Or but. A world in which rigid grammar and selling copy were reconciled. The book got thicker.

GAM/J. Walter Thompson (Montreal, Canada)

Conceptual Copywriter | 1 year
The big league. Above the line, below the line and in the trenches. Found out what a 30-second TV script looked like—a smaller mouthful than the one I’d written. Spent some time in the recording studio. That was nice. Then I got an itch.

Agent 30 (Montreal, Canada)

Co-founder & Creative Director | 7 years
My very own agency. If you don’t try you’ll never know. We laughed some. Cried some. But mostly we had fun. With a few awards along the way. They call it boutique advertising. What I gleaned from six years and eleven months will last me a lifetime.

Digital Nomad (Montreal, Toronto, Dubai, Saigon)

CD Copy & Brand Engagement | 10 years+
All this time and I still believe in the art of copy. My clients believe it, too. That somewhere behind the words is a big idea just waiting to exist. And isn’t that what advertising is all about? Existing. In popular thinking. Looks like I won’t be closing the book just yet.

name dropping

Accounts I’ve worked on over the years


Concordia University, Montreal
  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
  • Honours Specialization – International Relations
Dawson College, Montreal
  • Diplôme d’études collégiale
Pharmaceutical Marketing Club of Quebec
  • Contributing writer
  • United Nations Conference in Prague, Czech Republic
  • Model United Nations Conference in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Editorial Advisory Board Member & Contributing Writer

published articles

The New Canadian Magazine
  • Summer Issue | “Beyond Flannel”
  • Spring Issue | “Dealing in Cyberspace”
  • Winter Issue | “Destination Grand Cayman Island”
  • Summer Issue | “Keeping Dreams Afloat”
  • March/April Issue | “Long Live the Sugar Shack”
  • Fall Issue | “Final Call: Airport Security”
  • Nov/Dec 2003 Issue | “Destination Cuba”
  • October 2002 Issue | “Flag Party”
  • Winter Issue | “Hair Flair”

some awards

Les Greniers D’or
  • Silver | Agency: Agent 30
  • Gold | Agency: Agent 30
  • Gold and Bronze | Agency: Agent 30
  • Bronze | Agency: Agent 3
Les Coqs D’or
  • Direct Marketing, Talvest Mutual Funds | Agency: DKY
Frederick Exley Essay Competition
  • Competition on International Law (3rd place)